Welcome to our home!

So nice to see you here! Do you like what we do as much as we do? Yay, we’re in good hands then!

If we haven’t met before yet, we are 4 DecoBeez: Ieva, Saulius, Jonas, and Saulė, and we love our little home! Always busy with ideas, laughs, and stories. Once upon a time, there was a little girl called Ieva. More than anything she liked to draw. Dragons, fairies, bears, and rainbows. She dreamt that one day all her heroes will come alive. And they did. They landed in many illustration books for kids. What she didn’t imagine was, that one day she’ll meet Saulius, they’ll fall in love, and he will encourage Ieva to follow her dreams. So, she continues to create drawings, while Saulius being a master of print transforms them into wall decals, bringing joy to other families all over the world.

The big bang

Is it a day when Jonas and Saulė arrived? Most likely. As it feels like the universe started to spin around them all of a sudden. However, they’re teaching us more than we have taught them – which is life is a play. Everything’s easy, and everything’s possible. They’re the biggest inspiration and realisation what’s most important: do what you love and love what you do!

Our dreams

They are simple – to keep spreading the joy, maintain meaningful relationships, and help to create homes as a happy place to be.

Let’s stay connected

We’re always happy to hear from you. Tell us more about your home, the things you like and we will make sure all your wishes are delivered!

xx Decobeez